Meet the Woman Who Paved the Way For “Latin Alternative” Sounds in NYC

Grammy Award winning Black Guayaba, The Puerto Rican Latin Alternative rock outfit, who has been making waves with their album Invencible in 2017, will be landing in Austin Texas for SXSW.   The band will be headlining the first ever SXSW SOUNDS OF PUERTO RICO SHOWCASE. The showcase will feature a wide ranging Puerto Rican lineup including, Andrea Cruz, Balun, Cheryl Rivera, DJ Jhay Cortez & Los Chinchillos Del Caribe. Additionally, the event will serve as a Fundraiser for the World Central Kitchen foundation spearheaded by Spanish celebrity chef Jose Andres, who was instrumental in cooking over 3 million meals to Puerto Rico after it was ravaged by Hurricane Maria at the end of 2017. 


















Black Guayaba who was nominated for Latin Grammy and Grammy in 2005 with their first album “Los Demas Es Plastico V2.0”, in 2007 the band release the album “No Hay Espacio” which finally won the Puerto Rican rockers a  Grammy for Best Latin Rock/Alternative album. The same year ASCAP awarded Black Guayaba with the Vanguard award for “Shaping the future of Music” Making Black Guayaba the first ever Latinx band to receive this honor. 


The follow up album "La conexion"  in 2012 featured “Siempre” featuring Jarabe De Palo. Their Current album Invencible, has enjoyed incredible success in Puerto Rico, The single “invencible" was chosen as a hymn for a the Puerto Rican People by the Car company Dodge for their current advertising campaign;  Black Guayaba frontman Gustavo Gonzalez says:  “The song acquired a different meaning to us as well as our fans in Puerto Rico, after going through the experience of surviving two consecutive huracanes the destroyed our island. The important thing is the despite everything that came our way, we kept pushing forward and maintained the belief that everything is posible, and that we are all capable of rising again and rebuilding our lives.”   The video for the single features Major League Baseball  star player Carlos Correa from the Houston Astros, who this past year had a historic season when they beat the Dodgers  to win their first Baseball World Series.


This will be the first time Black Guayaba  will perform in SXSW,  SOUNDS FROM PUERTO RICO will be live-cast on Facebook where people who wont make it down to Austin will be able to donate nationwide to World Central Kitchen, there will be a second stage with an eclectic lineup of bands from several countries supporting the Puerto Rican Effort. The second stage MUSICIANS UNITED FOR PUERTO RICO will feature: Mejor Actor de Reparto, Zero Balas, Coma Pony, Nea Agostini, Mala Bengala & Astrolabio. SOUNDS OF PUERTO RICO will take place Friday, March 16th starting at 8:00PM at SPEAKEASY. it will surely be an unforgettable  evening!



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